Marissa Hernandez

Neu A2 – The Wright Brothers

Smithsonian Readers – Grade 3. Mit gratis digi.BUCH!

32 pages, color 4/4, Perfect Bound; 2473 words

ISBN 978-3-7098-3030-7, Bestellnummer G-4C-978-3-7098-3030-7-COD

Verlag: Kooperation BVL – Teacher’s Created Materials

Preis: 11,99 €

Zielgruppe: Schüler:innen, 3., 4. Klasse

The Wright brothers wanted to build a flying machine. The path to achieve their dream was filled with many obstacles. Countless hours would be spent studying and testing their plans. But their hard work paid off, and today they are known as the ”forefathers of flight.” Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, this Smithsonian Informational Text builds students’ reading skil ...

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